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EbonyJanice M.French student

I have LOVED working with Valerie on recovering my French. I had not traditionally studied French in 18+ years and suddenly, I am remembering things that I can’t believe I remember. She celebrates with me when I have big or small breakthroughs and I LOVE that about learning with her. I feel very supported and can’t imagine a more gentle way to enter back into learning a second language than to be working with someone who, very clearly, cares so much about her students, their journey, and their progress. I 100% recommend! – EbonyJanice M.

Rachel F.French student
I have enjoyed my conversations with Valerie. She is good at encouraging you to speak in French – even when you don’t think you have the words. For me, oral communication in French is more difficult than written. So my time spent with Valerie is great to get my brain thinking in French. I started with Valerie twice a week for two months before attending an immersion course in France. Because of my conversations with Valerie, I was able to jump right into the immersion course without as much fear as I would have had otherwise.
Franciny A.French student
For a long time, I wanted to go back to taking French classes. But for a variety of reasons including time for in person classes, and finding the right teacher to align to the way I learn I kept putting it off. After my very first class with Valerie, I knew I have found what I have been looking for. The one on one personalized lessons makes learning easy and fun. Valerie took her time to understand how to best tailor the class to my learning style and my current level.  Best of all I’m learning because I’m being challenged and having a blast with Valerie.  I look forward to the classes and before I know it I have spent an hour bring my French to the next level.  Valerie is an outstanding teacher and she is the answer to a practical, easy, challenging and fun way to learn.
Jean Michel H.French student
Valerie’s help with improving my French was invaluable and I couldn’t imagine a more flexible and beneficial situation that helped me to secure a new job overseas. Our weekly virtual meetings were tailored to what I needed to work on most, and her professional but relaxed approach made me feel unafraid to make mistakes. Very highly recommended!!
Marie-Line B.English student
Je me suis adressée à BE FLUENT NOW afin de préparer au mieux une croisière aux États-unis. Ce que j’ai apprécié c’est que les cours étaient vraiment ciblés sur l’essentiel. C’est à dire un vocabulaire utile durant la croisière. Et cela m’a été d’une grande aide. Merci!!!
Nelta S-J.English student
Devant passer un examen d’anglais obligatoire pour mon travail, j’ai contacté Valérie pour réviser les bases de la grammaire car cela faisait 20ans je n’ avais pas pratiqué la langue. J’y suis arrivée. Merci Valérie!
Marta G.French student
I recommend Valerie; she is a very good teacher. I can tell I speak French with much more confidence than before after studying with her. I am also a teacher and I approve her methodology of teaching
Gabriel H.Italian student
Valerie is a fantastic Italian teacher! Her enthusiasm and positive energy kept me engaged and looking forward to each lesson before a recent trip to Tuscany. Grazie mille Valerie!
Ralph GEnglish student
J’ai commencé les sessions de Neurolanguage Coaching en Anglais il y a environ 3 mois et je suis vraiment satisfait de la méthodologie et pédagogie personnalisée misent en place par Valérie pour faciliter mon apprentissage de l’anglais. Thank you!
Brian A.French student
I highly recommend Valerie!! She is enthusiastic and effervescent, and a very effective teacher who will adapt her methods to the learning requirements of the student. Allez-y
Ana H-D.French student
I recommend Valerie. She’s a great French teacher. Very interactive online sessions. She makes the learning so much fun!
Erin K.French student
I started French with Be Fluent Now and I’ve learned so much in just a few months! Reviewing for my French tests with Valerie helps me tremendously. Thank you.
Jacqueline B.Italian student

I have been taking Italian lessons with Valerie for over a year via Skype. She is an excellent teacher who is knowledgeable, encouraging, and warm. Every week we review what we did the week before and then expand. She takes you as far as you’d like to go with the language and is always open to suggestions. Her rates are affordable and she is very accommodating with your schedule. You can never stop learning a language and I hope to continue with her for a long time. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Juliette W.French Student
I am very happy and proud to say that I am part of the Be Fluent Now community! I am majoring in 7th grade French this year, and Valerie is someone who has really helped me improve my grades in this class! My wonderful teacher Valerie, is such an engaging and kind teacher who will help you improve as much as you can in the language that you please. BeFluentNow helps many people to be able to express themselves and become fluent in different languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese and even English. I hope that this community grows much bigger over time because it is so wonderful to be part of BeFluentNow!
Anna H.Anna H.French student
Valerie’s amazing French conversation lessons have literally changed my life. As a person in my sixties who needs to keep her brain alive I cannot count the benefits I have been reaping from my lessons. First, Valerie, to my amazement, has been consistently excavating from my brain the old, long forgotten partial knowledge of some French I acquired over 50 yrs ago and never used. Second, as an Airbnb hostess I can now greet my French guests in their language and even have some simple conversation with them, all of which adds to my success. Third, it is an unspeakable pleasure to be coached by Valerie, whose brilliantly inventive and caring approach makes one feel like a million bucks. Learning French with Valerie is like adding more music to your life. And if you like to sing she will teach you how to sound like Edith Piaf!
Stephanie C.French student
My 11 year old daughter Juliette has been taking French classes with Valerie for a few months now. The conversational format has helped her feel more comfortable speaking the language in public . Each lesson is so much fun! Valerie is an engaging teacher and is really great with children.
Dionny J.Italian student
My 14 year old son has been taking Italian lessons with Valerie, for the last 4 months. He has been improving a lot, he likes the way Valerie explains and helps him with his homework. I gladly recommend her classes.
Erin A.French student
Valerie is a phenomenal and very patient teacher. I’ve made quick progress and she keeps me on track. I so recommend her to anyone looking to learn French or brush up on their skills. MERCI!
Tom L.English student
Une énergie débordante durant les cours et des sujets toujours plus intéressants, j’y ai appris beaucoup de choses!!! Je recommande fortement les cours d’anglais.
Lorette O.French student
So much fun! Valerie is a superb teacher who keeps the conversation moving, with patience and encouragement and humor! Highly recommend.
Patricia B.English student
Merci à Valérie pour cet apprentissage et cet accès à l’anglais que je n’envisageais plus. Merci pour sa simplicité et sa convivialité. Je me suis immédiatement sentie à mon aise. Merci pour ces échanges qui me donnent à nouveau confiance en moi et qui me permettent d’évoluer et de retrouver des acquis que je croyais perdus. Be Fluent me donne accès à une pédagogie qui me réconcilie avec l’anglais. Thank you Valérie.👍🏽
Liz S.French student
Valerie is the best! Highly recommend for french lessons!
Maura V.French student
Hola. Mi nombre es Maura. Yo  tomo clases con Valerie y para mi es una excelente maestra. He aprendido palabras nuevas en este tiempo y me gusta que tiene paciencia para explicar.
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