French, Italian and English tutor.

About the Founder

Valerie Galinsky has long been fluent in a diversity of languages and cultures. Having grown up in Martinique, her first language is French. She also has native fluency in English — the result of her having come to college in the US, where she now lives — and in Italian — having spent a number of years in Italy.

In addition to her passion for languages and cultures, Valerie has a strong interest in health and well being, having worked for several years as a certified health coach, helping people achieve their goals in all areas of their lives. While doing this work, she found that many of her clients loved to travel and wanted to immerse themselves in the target language before heading to a foreign country. Language coaching then became an integral part of her health coaching practice. Soon, she started to receive so many requests for conversation classes that she had the insight to create a new venture merging her expertise in both areas. That’s how Be Fluent Now was born.


Online Language Coaching

About Be Fluent Now

Be Fluent Now is unique in the field.

First, because its Founder, Valerie Galinsky knows that full immersion in one-on-one conversation while speaking about subjects that interest the student — as opposed to simply learning words on a vocabulary list or memorizing grammar — is the quickest path to fluency. As such, Be Fluent Now students progress much more quickly than they would in more conventional language classes.  Secondly, Valerie is a leader in a whole new approach to language instruction. As a holistic language coach, she uses her health coaching skills to help her students integrate their language acquisition into the rest of their lives. With her background in health coaching, she can discuss a variety of subjects with sensitivity, helping to create an uplifting and inspiring context for language mastery.  
Now you can learn a new language from the comfort of your phone or computer through online coaching with Valerie at Be Fluent Now. Be Fluent Now is committed to delivering extraordinary service to its students, who can choose conversation packages in French, Italian, or English and talk about whatever subjects are important to them.  
To schedule your first session, or to find out more information, contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions. Let’s talk about it!