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EbonyJanice M.French student

I have LOVED working with Valerie on recovering my French. I had not traditionally studied French in 18+ years and suddenly, I am remembering things that I can’t believe I remember. She celebrates with me when I have big or small breakthroughs and I LOVE that about learning with her. I feel very supported and can’t imagine a more gentle way to enter back into learning a second language than to be working with someone who, very clearly, cares so much about her students, their journey, and their progress. I 100% recommend!

Ralph G.English student
J’ai commencé les sessions de Neurolanguage Coaching en Anglais il y a environ 3 mois et je suis vraiment satisfait de la méthodologie et pédagogie personnalisée misent en place par Valérie pour faciliter mon apprentissage de l’anglais.
Jacqueline B.Italian student

I have been taking Italian lessons with Valerie for over a year via Skype. She is an excellent teacher who is knowledgeable, encouraging, and warm. Every week we review what we did the week before and then expand. She takes you as far as you’d like to go with the language and is always open to suggestions. Her rates are affordable and she is very accommodating with your schedule. You can never stop learning a language and I hope to continue with her for a long time. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Eugene M.French Student
There are no miracle cures for language acquisition. Gaining fluency in French is going to be a long term project with lots of effort involved, but with Valerie and BFN! I was able to hit the ground running. BFN is not your dreaded 4th period high school French class. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her competence in language instruction is obvious from the very first session, nothing amateurish about it. Our sessions were so interesting that we often ran over the time allotment . I soon found myself sitting in a train or walking down a street casually trying to form French sentences describing what I was seeing. I had no problem signing up for the next cycle. To all my fellow Francophile wannabees, I recommend Mme Valerie and BFN! without hesitation. Allons-y!.
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